While Bret Easton Ellis works with Kanye West on a feature film script, Yeezus himself will be coming to theaters much sooner. If you’ve missed the global tour for his latest album, which he’s currently in the middle of, the Chicago-based rapper is bringing it to you in a different medium.

Announced on his official website with only the words “YEEZUS FILM DIRECTED BY HYPE WILLIAMS COMING TO THEATERS” and a teaser, there’s no other details, but it looks like we’ll shortly be getting a concert film from the rapper. Shot by the long-time music video helmer, this teaser shows off some enticing concert imagery, along with other footage. As we await more information, check it out below (note: Yeezus instituted the auto-play, somewhat fittingly), as well as a few other Williams-directed videos featuring the artist.

Would you see Yeezus in theaters?

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