Last weekend finally saw the release of the horror flick You’re Next, arriving nearly two years after its Toronto International Film Festival premiere. Then in a short time we’ll be getting another film in the genre, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, which comes seven years after it’s initial showing at the event. This fall will bring another long-delayed film and we’ve got the first details today.

Originally premiering at TIFF and Venice back in 2009, Jaco Van Dormael‘s sci-fi drama Mr. Nobody had a fairly substantial budget of around $50 million. It has been distributed in over a dozen countries in the last few years, but it will finally arrive in the U.S. in just under a month. Starring Jared Leto, who is prime for a major fall with Dallas Buyers Club, the film is a rather epic undertaking, tracking his character in various time periods of his life as the last mortal amongst a society of immortals.

We actually saw this during its premiere and said, “Taking from fare like The Butterfly Effect and all movies to do with time and dimension, this film may exceed them all in its exhaustive (and near-exhaustive stylization) of fate and choice and control. It feels like a second showing film, so stay tuned for another overview upon its release. But I enjoyed this viewing just fine.” We’ll finally get the chance to do that and now one can check out the international trailer, synopsis and poster (via Indiewire) below for the film also starring Sarah Polley, Diane Kruger, Rhys Ifans and Juno Temple.

In the year 2092, Nemo Nobody is a 118-year-old man who finds himself as the last mortal amongst humans who have become immortal due to scientific advances involving the perpetual rejuvenation of telomeres. When Nemo is on his deathbed, he reviews three possible existences and marriages he might have experienced. References to the big bang theory, the nature of time, superstring theory, and memory help structure the plot.

Mr. Nobody hits VOD on September 26th and theaters on November 1st.

Did you see it on the festival circuit or internationally? What did you think?

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