Having worked under the direction of Kenneth Lonergan, Steven Spielberg, Sidney Lumet, Ben Affleck, Bennett Miller, Lodge Kerrigan, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Greengrass, Joachim Trier, Tom McCarthy, and more, it’s astounding that Amy Ryan has never had a leading role — until now. Premiering at Tribeca Film Festival, where it won a Best Screenplay jury award, Angus MacLachlan’s Abundant Acreage Available will now get a release this fall and the first trailer has landed.

“MacLachlan’s latest is a departure from his previous work: a quiet, powerful portrait of two families at a crossroads, featuring the middle-aged Ledbetters — including the reformed alcoholic Jesse (Terry Kinney) and his adopted sister Tracy (Amy Ryan) — and three aging brothers (Max Gail, Francis Guinan, and Steve Coulter),” we said in our review.

Executive produced by Martin Scorsese, see the trailer below featuring our quote.

On a fifty acre tobacco farm in North Carolina, Tracy (Amy Ryan) and Jesse (Terry Kinney) bury the remains of their recently deceased father in the middle of the field, in the land that he loved. One week later they find three older men camping in their field. Tracy and Jesse discover the men (Max Gail, Francis Guinan, Steve Coulter) are brothers whose family used to own the farm. They haven’t been back in 50 years. ABUNDANT ACREAGE AVAILABLE is about family, morality, ownership, grief, and letting go.

Abundant Acreage Available opens on October 6.

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