Wow, so that Leonardo DiCaprio really likes taking his best buds to basketball games? Anyways, his longtime friend and The Great Gatsby co-star Tobey Maguire, as well as his Inception cohort Tom Hardy are all getting together to make a film regarding a subject they are passionate about: anti-poaching.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on the film, which is said to be in the style of Steven Soderbergh‘s Traffic, as it weaves around many story strands. It was actually The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy who originated the idea, as he was reportedly “inspired by friends who are former special forces operatives and went on to become anti-poacher fighters in South Africa and other nations.”

While the trio is currently searching for a writer, the untitled film set up at Warner Bros. could follow everything from “ground war on poachers in the African savannah to how animal material ends up in the fashion houses of Paris.” There’s no telling if anyone involved will actually go on to star in the project, as its still in the early stages, but it seems like the kind of story one would see reserved for documentaries. There’s some strong talent shared with this group, so hopefully they can give it the proper cinematic treatment.

Who would you want to see star in such a film? What do you think of the producing trio?

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