Following his magnificent drama Carol and Wonderstruck, which finally got a Blu-ray release this week, Todd Haynes now finds himself back in the director’s chair, reteaming with Amazon Studios for a new series. Haynes spoke mysteriously about his developing project a few months back, describing the series as one that will “re-examine a figure who maybe we forget how radical they were in their thinking because they were so incorporated into our culture and outlook as a modern society.” But now, Haynes has confirmed that the Amazon series will revolve around Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis.

This news comes out of Cannes, after the festival rewarded cinematographer Edward Lachman with the Pierre Angénieux ExcelLens in Cinematography Award. Haynes, being a frequent collaborator with Lachman on Carol, I’m Not There, and Far From Heaven, attended the ceremony and subsequently spoke out about his new Freud-focused Amazon Studios production. See tweet confirming the news below via The Playlist:

It’s hard to say what this means for Haynes’ other two announced projects. In 2015 he spoke about developing a limited series about The Source Family cult and after Cannes last year he announced that he would direct a documentary on the rock band The Velvet Underground. Time will ultimately tell the fate of these projects, and whether or not they will come to fruition. While there’s no confirmed casting or release date for Haynes’ Freud project, it’s safe to say that we are excited to see what he has in development and how it eventually takes shape.

As we await news, watch the Yeezy-approved Adam Curtis documentary on Freud, The Century of the Self, below.

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