Blade Runner

Welcome, one and all, to the newest episode of The Film Stage Roundtable, a spin-off podcast from the madmen who bring you The Film Stage Show.

On this show we devote ourselves purely to the discussion of topics and issues related to film culture as a whole. On this week’s show we talk through director’s cuts and if they are actually an improvement, how lawsuits effect a feature film’s attention, then we get dark talking about painful deaths.

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M4A: The Film Stage Roundtable Ep. 3 – Big Cuts, Angry Subjects, and Painful Deaths

00:00 – 3:59 – Introductions

04:00 – 25:14 – Big Cuts

25:15 – 45:31 – Angry Subjects

45:32 – 1:09:24 – Painful Deaths

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