Following word of an incredible Pasolini boxset, the Criterion Collection have unveiled their larger June lineup. The 4K rollout continues apace, and for some reason Terry Gilliam now has the most releases––following The Fisher King and Baron Munchausen, his George Harrison-produced Time Bandits arrives in a well-stacked edition. Much as I might question more and more super-hi-def releases for this of all filmmakers, one must remember: everybody has their reasons. And it’s arguably a suitable compensation, for ourselves and film history at larger, that this same month brings an upgrade for The Rules of the Game.

Barry Jenkins joins the collection with his debut feature Medicine for Melancholy, whose lifespan––small SXSW premiere in 2008, minor theatrical release 12 months later, years of relative obscurity, and now a Criterion––we can only consider aspirational. But maybe my favorite movie arriving in June––even greater than Renoir––is Joseph Losey’s absurdly entertaining, Pinter-scriped The Servant, among other things key influence on Parasite (but of course far better).

See below for artwork and find more at Criterion’s website.

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