Your player and OLED alike shall receive a workout this May, Criterion having given some of the sharpest black-and-white cinema’s ever seen the 4K treatment. Wings of Desire––as much of a flagship title as anything among their catalogue, and in 4K even more of a unique opportunity to pretend you saw Nick Cave circa 1987––and Seijun Suzuki’s Branded to Kill, whose widescreen compositions are so honed they might cut glass, constitute nothing but very wise choices. I can’t express much enthusiasm for Thelma and Louis also getting 2,160 pixels, but I don’t run the show and these aren’t my decisions to make.

The Blu-ray side is formidable just on the basis of Peter Bogdanovich’s Targets, among the greatest and most venomous movies about movies––good luck enjoying the drive-in again––and bears further credit for its Adam Nayman essay. Because I haven’t seen Petite Maman I can’t register much feeling, though many people love it and for them I can only be glad.

See below for artwork and find more at Criterion’s website.

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