While the summer movie season will kick off shortly––and we’ll be sharing a comprehensive preview on the arthouse, foreign, indie, and (few) studio films worth checking out––on the streaming side, The Criterion Channel and MUBI have unveiled their May 2021 lineups and there’s a treasure trove of highlights to dive into.

Timed with Satyajit Ray’s centenary, The Criterion Channel will have a retrospective of the Indian master, along with series on Gena Rowlands, Robert Ryan, Mitchell Leisen, Michael Almereyda, Josephine Decker, and more. In terms of recent releases, they’ll also feature Fire Will Come, The Booksellers, and the new restoration of Tom Noonan’s directorial debut What Happened Was….

On MUBI, in anticipation of Undine, they’ll feature two essential early features by Christian Petzold, Jerichow and The State That I Am In, along with his 1990 short documentary Süden. Also amongst the lineup is Sophy Romvari’s Still Processing, the archival documentaries of Sergei Loznitsa (whose newest film State Funeral is arriving in May), and films by Kiju Yoshida, Francis Ford Coppola, Hideo Nakata, Albert Serra, and more.

Check out the lineups below and stay tuned to our weekly streaming updates here.

The Criterion Channel – May 2021 Lineup

Along for the Ride, Nick Ebeling, 2016

Bad Day at Black Rock, John Sturges, 1955**

The Backseat, Joe Stankus and Ashley Connor, 2017

The Blot, Lois Weber, 1921

The Blue Dahlia, George Marshall, 1946

The Booksellers, D. W. Young, 2019

Butter on the Latch, Josephine Decker, 2013

The Cat o’ Nine Tails, Dario Argento, 1971

The Chess Players, Satyajit Ray, 1977

The Cigarette, Claire Parker and Alexandre Alexeieff, 1933 

Cowboy, Delmer Daves, 1958

Crossfire, Edward Dmytryk, 1947

Dance, Girl, Dance, Dorothy Arzner, 1940

Darling, How Could You!, Mitchell Leisen, 1951

Day of Freedom, Leni Riefenstahl, 1935

Death Takes a Holiday, Mitchell Leisen, 1934

Dina, Dan Sickles, Antonio Santini, 2017

Discontent, Lois Weber and Allen G. Siegler, 1916

The Dumb Girl of Portici, Lois Weber, 1916

Easy Living, Mitchell Leisen, 1937

The Erl King, Marie-Louise Iribe, 1931

Escapes, Michael Almereyda, 2017

The Fall, Jonathan Glazer, 2019

Falling Leaves, Alice Guy Blaché, 1912

The Fate of Lee Khan, King Hu, 1973

Fire Will Come, Oliver Laxe, 2019**

First Day Out, Josephine Decker, 2016

Flames, Zefrey Throwell, Josephine Decker and Zefrey Throwell, 2017

Girlfriends, Claudia Weill, 1978

The Girl in the Armchair, Alice Guy-Blaché, 1912

Gloria, John Cassavetes, 1980

The Green-Eyed Blonde, Bernard Girard, 1957

He Ran All the Way, John Berry, 1951

The Heart of the World, Guy Maddin, 2000

Hooligan Sparrow, Nanfu Wang, 2016

The Hot Rock, Peter Yates, 1972

The House Is Black, Forough Farrokhzad, 1962

King Rat, Bryan Forbes, 1965

Kitty, Mitchell Leisen, 1945

Kitty Foyle, Sam Wood, 1940**

The Last Detail, Hal Ashby, 1973

The Last Emperor, Bernardo Bertolucci, 1987

The Last Movie, Dennis Hopper, 1971

The Last Sunset, Robert Aldrich, 1961

Lilith, Robert Rossen, 1964

Lonely Are the Brave, David Miller, 1962

Mabel’s Strange Predicament, Mabel Normand, 1914

Making an American Citizen, Alice Guy-Blaché, 1912

Mala mala, Dan Sickles, Antonio Santini, 2014

The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, Nunnally Johnson, 1956

MASH, Robert Altman, 1970

The Mask Task, Josephine Decker, 2018

Me the Terrible, Josephine Decker, 2012

The Men, Fred Zinnemann, 1950

Midnight, Mitchell Leisen, 1939

Minnie and Moskowitz, John Cassavetes, 1971

Miss Dundee and Her Performing Dogs, Alice Guy-Blaché, 1902

Murder at the Vanities, Mitchell Leisen, 1934

A Night on Bald Mountain, Claire Parker and Alexandre Alexeieff, 1933 

No Man of Her Own, Mitchell Leisen, 1950

Odds Against Tomorrow, Robert Wise, 1959

On Dangerous Ground, Nicholas Ray, 1951

On the Barricade, Alice Guy-Blaché, 1907

Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, Roy Rowland, 1945

Parabola, Mary Ellen Bute and Ted Nemeth, 1937

Patton, Franklin J. Schaffner, 1969

The Peasant Women of Ryazan, Olga Preobrazhenskaya and Ivan Pravov, 1927

A Pistol for Ringo, Duccio Tessari, 1965

Property Is No Longer a Theft, Elio Petri, 1973

The Razor’s Edge, Edmund Goulding, 1946

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Allan Dwan, 1938

Remember the Night, Mitchell Leisen, 1940

The Return of Ringo, Duccio Tessari, 1965

Roman Holiday, William Wyler, 1953**

The Set-Up, Robert Wise, 1949

Shoes, Lois Weber, 1916

Skinningrove, Michael Almereyda, 2013

The Smiling Madame Beudet, Germaine Dulac, 1923

Spartacus, Stanley Kubrick, 1960

Spook Sport, Mary Ellen Bute, Norman McLaren, Ted Nemeth, 1940

Squeezebox, Josephine Decker, 2010

The Star Prince, Madeline Brandeis, 1918

A Story Well Spun, Alice Guy-Blaché, 1906

Suspense, Lois Weber and Phillips Smalley, 1913

Tempest, Paul Mazursky, 1982

The Thing, John Carpenter, 1982

Thirty Seconds over Tokyo, Mervyn LeRoy, 1944

Thou Wast Mild and Lovely, Josephine Decker, 2014

To Each His Own, Mitchell Leisen, 1946

To the Unknown, Michael Almereyda, 2017

Tricheurs, Barbet Schroeder, 1984

Welcome Home, Soldier Boys, Richard Compton, 1971

What Happened Was . . . , Tom Noonan, 1994

What Have You Done to Solange?, Massimo Dallamano, 1972

Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell, Matt Wolf, 2008

The Wild Bunch, Sam Peckinpah, 1969

William Eggleston in the Real World, Michael Almereyda, 2005

The Woman Condemned, Dorothy Davenport, 1934

Wolf, Mike Nichols, 1994

**Available in the U.S. only

MUBI – May 2021 Lineup

5/1/2021BeeswaxAndrew Bujalski
5/2/2021North FacePhilipp Stölzl
5/3/2021MeruJimmy Chin, Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi
5/4/2021DrillsSarah Friedland
5/5/2021Heroic PurgatoryKiju Yoshida
5/6/2021Coup d’etatKiju Yoshida
5/7/2021The Names of LoveMichel Leclerc
5/8/2021Viva L’ItaliaRoberto Rossellini
5/9/2021S HeShengwei Zhou
5/10/2021Letter from ParisWalerian Borowczyk
5/11/2021The Story of SinWalerian Borowczyk
5/12/2021Bloody Spear at Mount FujiTomu Uchida
5/13/2021JerichowChristian Petzold
5/15/2021A Man Called OveHannes Holm
5/16/2021L’assassinoElio Petri
5/17/2021Property Is No Longer a TheftElio Petri
5/18/2021SüdenChristian Petzold
5/19/2021Death Will Come and Shall Have Your EyesJosé Luis Torres Leiva
5/20/2021Still ProcessingSophy Romvari
5/21/2021State FuneralSergei Loznitsa
5/22/2021Of Horses and MenBenedikt Erlingsson
5/23/2021Trees LoungeSteve Buscemi
5/24/2021The TrialSergei Loznitsa
5/25/2021The State I Am InChristian Petzold
5/26/2021TendreIsabel Pagliai
5/27/2021Three BrothersFrancesco Rosi
5/28/2021The Death of Louis XIVAlbert Serra
5/29/2021RingHideo Nakata
5/30/2021Tucker: The Man and His DreamFrancis Ford Coppola
5/31/2021Let’s Make a DreamSacha Guitry

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