While there has been nothing but radio silence for Terrence Malick‘s next two dramas since last summer’s debut of the first still for Knight of Cups, a new film has afforded a bit of insight into their respective futures. Premiering at Sundance Film Festival was The Better Angels (our review), a biopic on the early life of Abraham Lincoln what was produced by Malick and directed by his frequent collaborator A.J. Edwards.

When we sat down with the helmer at the festival (full interview here), we discussed Malick’s specific involvement in the film, and much more, but with the film now stopping by Berlin, we have an update on the forthcoming features. During the film’s press conference, Edwards revealed that both Knight of Cups and the currently untitled Austin-set drama will see screens this year. Check out this full quote below:

“Terrence Malick was always a phone call away. He was shooting his two pictures at the time, that’ll be released this year. He was most important in the beginning of the project, the origins of it, mostly through conversations, while we were editing The Tree of Life together. This is before the treatment and the screenplay, just talking about an approach and production fundamentals, what the meaning is; The Better Angels being his two mothers that guided him to immortality through their goodness. Because of his other pictures he wasn’t on set or in the cutting room, because of his other obligations, but his friendship and his encouragement is long-lasting and so important in the film.”

Considering the current lack of distribution, we have to glean that he means they are ready to premiere at a festival, rather than see an actual release, but this is fantastic news. When it comes to the work of Malick, one never quite knows when they’ll see the light of day, but we’re glad our wishful thinking that they’ll initially premiere this year will come true.

The first film he shot, Knight of Cups, stars Christian Bale as a depressed writer-type in the story that looks at celebrities and excess. Depending on how the editing went, the ensemble may or may not include Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Wes Bentley, Freida Pinto, Isabel Lucas, Imogen Poots, Teresa Palmer, Shea Whigham, Antonio Banderas, Joe Manganiello and Ryan O’Neal.

The other film, which is led by Ryan Gosling, follows two intersecting love triangles exploring sexual obsession and betrayal set against the music scene in Austin, Texas, and may include Portman, Bale, Blanchett, Michael Fassbender, Rooney MaraVal KilmerBenicio Del Toro, Boyd Holbrook, Berenice Marlohe and Holly Hunter. So, we suppose we can expect one or both to turn up at either Cannes or the fall festival circuit this year. As for The Better Angels, it’s currently seeking U.S. distribution.

Are you glad we’ll see the premiere of Malick’s next films this year?

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