After picking up the top prize of Golden Lion at last year’s Venice Film Festival for Pieta (our review), Korea’s Kim Ki-duk is continuing his rapid output with another project and we’ve got the first teaser today. Titled Moebius, the film is rumored to return to the aforementioned festival, but it’s having some trouble getting into Korean cinemas.

Their version of the MPAA, the Korea Media Rating Board (KMRB), says this is “a film that is only possible to screen in restricted theatres due to unethical, anti-social expression portraying sexual relations between immediate family, etc. and images and method of expression that includes content harmful to youth in terms of theme, violence, horror, and danger of imitation.”

This means project, which follows a man coming from a dysfunctional family, will not see a release until it is re-cut and re-submitted, something the producers are considering. Spoilers ahead, but it’s said the work contains “sexual intercourse between the mother and son and amputating of the sexual organ.” Although none of that present in brief teaser, which can be seen below, we’ll keep you updated on its theatrical and festival prospects. [ScreenDaily/Vlicious]

Do you think the film should be re-cut?

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