It won’t be arriving in the United States until next month, but thanks to today’s U.K. debut of Lynne Ramsay’s psychological thriller You Were Never Really Here, the full score from Jonny Greenwood is now available to stream in full. To give you a sense of how much we liked the film around here, despite none of our stateside contributors having seen in it, the Joaquin Phoenix-led drama ranked in our top 25 in our year-end poll, thanks to our international critics.

One of our favorite films of Cannes Film Festival, where it picked up a Best Screenplay and Best Actor award, Giovanni Marchini Camia said in his his review, “The results are breathtaking, and You Were Never Really Here stands alongside Claire Denis’ Bastards as one of the most ferocious indictments of systematic abuse of power and gender violence ever projected on a screen.”

Along with a stream of the full score, we’re pleased to present a new alternate poster created by Midnight Marauder & Tony Stella, who recently collaborated on art from another Greenwood-scored feature, Phantom Thread. Embracing the Taxi Driver roots of the story, there’s a beautifully worn and tangible quality to the poster that embodies the gritty feel of the film. Listen to the score below and see the poster, and for more work by the artists, check out their official sites.


You Were Never Really Here is now in U.K. theaters and opens in the U.S. on April 6.

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