After hitting shelves over three decades ago, Don DeLillo’s “unfilmable” masterpiece White Noise has now been adapted and ahead of this Friday’s theatrical release, we have a new look at Noah Baumbach’s ambitious vision. Led by Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig, a new trailer has arrived, alongside Danny Elfman’s full score. Additionally, a new specialty art print by Marija Tiurina has arrived, which will be exclusively distributed in theaters showing the film starting this Friday.

David Katz said in his review of White Noise, “Even in light of their well-publicized financial troubles, Netflix is a platform where these heretofore unrealizable projects can find their home and wide global audience, insulated from having to perform well in theaters. Adapted from the novel and directed by urbane New Yorker Noah Baumbach, this is a half-successful swing for modish relevance and connoisseurship of the contemporary social zeitgeist, only truly uniting the text’s concerns with ours when it reaches DeLillo’s legendary Airborne Toxic Event, here enhanced to evoke the misinformation-led early-COVID era and its sudden disruption of everyday life. “

See the trailer and new poster below, and listen to Danny Elfman’s score.

White Noise arrives in theaters on November 25 and on Netflix on December 30.

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