It was recently reported that director Kevin Smith had pitched his idea for a hockey movie called Hit Somebody to Warner Bros. (who are currently producing his latest film Cop Out, due out in 2 weeks). Today Smith provided the answer to what Warner Bros. said regarding the film via his twitter:

“What did WB say to Hit Somebody?” Essentially? “That movie requires a needle-threading approach. We make chainsaws here.” Understandably, it’s an easier call with a script. So as of 2/24, I gonna start writing HIT SOMEBODY. WB’s in-or-out remains to be seen.

It looks like Warner Bros. is interested in the project but want to see what Smith comes up with first in the script. I really hope this panes out for Smith considering amount of work and his passion for the project. Keep checking back with The Film Stage for more on Hit Somebody.

What do you think about this project? Looking forward to Cop Out?

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