After delivering one of the best performances of last year with his recent Abel Ferrara collaboration Tommaso, Willem Dafoe has once again reteamed with the director. Their dark, dreamy character study Siberia, which premiered at last year’s Berlinale, will finally arrive this summer from Lionsgate (not to be confused with the Keanu Reeves-led Siberia the company released a few years ago). Ahead of a June 18 release, a new trailer has now been unveiled.

Logan Kenny said in his review, “Siberia is about the horror of nothing being there, nothing concrete in the past, present, or future––just darkness, suffering and the desperation for something else. Nothing we see in the unnerving middle act where dreams and memories blend together with frightening unease comes across as real. This is not the retelling of a once lived life; this is a broken dreamscape filled with all the images and characters that he ran away from, with the surrealism getting darker and stranger as the film’s terror progresses.”

Watch the new trailer below via Screen Rant and read our recent Ferrara interview here.

Siberia opens on June 18.

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