The fourth collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio has proven to be their best. The duo have not only beat out 2002’s Gangs Of New York, 2004’s The Aviator, and 2006’s The Departed, but also their personal record. The Departed was previously Scorsese’s best with $26.8M, while Leo’s was $30M for Steven Spielberg‘s Catch Me If You Can. We can all forget about that as Shutter Island made $40.2M this weekend. This puts it in the Top 20 R-rated openings of all-time as well as in the Top 10 February openings of all-time.

Both Valentine’s Day and The Wolfman were no match for Shutter Island, each falling a harsh 69%. James Cameron‘s Avatar continues it’s box office power raking in $16.1M. It will reach $700M sometime this week, something no film has ever gotten close to.

Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief did a reasonable $15.3M, only dropping 51%. Roman Polanski‘s The Ghost Writer did surprisingly well in just 4 theaters, taking in $179,000 for a weekend record average of $44,750. Check out the Top Ten below.

Top Ten (TitleWeekend – Total (Drop):

1. Shutter Island $40.2M (debut)
2. Valentine’s Day$17.1M – $87.4M (-69.5%)
3. Avatar $16.1M – $687.8M (-31.8%)
4. Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief$15.3M – $58.7M (-51%)
5. The Wolfman$9.8M – $50.3M (-69%)
6. Dear John$7.3M – $65.9M (-54.6%)
7. The Tooth Fairy $4.5M – $49.8M (-25.7%)
8. Crazy Heart$3M – $21.5M (-29.1%)
9. From Paris With Love $2.5M – $21.2M (-54.5%)
10. Edge of Darkness $2.2M – $40.3M – (-54.4%)

Next weekend sees the debuts Cop Out and The Crazies. Who will win?

‘Shutter Island’ Marks Highest Debut For Scorsese/DiCaprio

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