With a plan to shop the script around at TIFF this year, Wayfare Entertainment and Misher Films have set District 9 and The A-Team star Sharlto Copley and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol star Michael Nyquist to headline Europa, a sci-fi film directed by Sebastian Cordero.

Cordero, who is perhaps best known for Cronicas, the 2004 crime thriller he helmed starring John Leguizamo and Alfred Molina, will take on the tale of a six man team who are sent by a private corporation to be the first manned mission to Europa, Jupiter’s fourth moon. The logline recalls the likes of Alien and Robocop, both sci-fi fables that utilized big corporations as a means for villainy.

This information comes hot on the heels of news that 2013’s summer slate will be stocked full of sci-fi blockbusters, from Steven Spielberg’s Robopocalypse to Joseph Kosinski’s Tom Cruise-starring Horizons. It’s a bit poetic in a way, as some of the credit for this apparent sci-fi resurgence can be credited to Copley, who starred in Neill Blomkamp’s breakaway hit District 9 only a couple of years ago.

Wayfare is funding the film fully with Kevin Misher of Misher Films producing alongside Wayfare’s Ben Browning. The plan is to start shooting in New York this fall [Deadline].

What do you think of Europa‘s premise? Will you see run out to see it?

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