The famous ballad New York, New York serves as a centerpiece for Steve McQueen‘s powerful tale of sex addiction, Shame. Carey Mulligan‘s rendition was bound to be used in a promotional piece and here it is with the second official trailer for the film also starring Michael Fassbender. This is a shorter trailer than the first domestic piece for the NC-17 drama, but just as effective. Check it out below via Apple, read our review from TIFF, and return for our interviews with McQueen and Fassbender, which we’ll be sharing just before the film’s release early next month.


Shame tells the story of Brandon (Fassbender), a single man who is addicted to sex in any form as long as it does not involve love or intimacy. His ordered lifestyle is thrown into chaos with the arrival of his needy sister (Mulligan).

Shame hits limited theaters on December 2nd, 2011.

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