Although he may be getting in front of global screens and arthouses alike with the recently rereleased (and wildly different) Oz the Great and Powerful and Spring Breakers, we are of the mindset that the best role from the prolific James Franco is still his wide-eyed, aloof turn in Pineapple Express. Starring alongside Seth Rogen, Franco seemed to think so too, as it resulted in a brief cameo alongside the comedic actor in The Green Hornet and a bigger role in Rogen’s upcoming directorial debut, This is the End.

Now, with Columbia’s “high hopes” regarding their summer release, they are looking to stay in the Rogen and Franco business for the former talent’s next directorial gig. The studio is developing a comedy titled The Interview, in which Rogen would not only direct with his partner Goldberg, but also script, produce and star in. Franco, who has yet to enter talks, is currently being looked for the lead role.

With help from The Daily Show‘s Dan Sterling, the script finds Franco (if he accepts) as a talk show host, who gets involved in an assassination plot with the prime minister of North Korea, along with his producer, played by Rogen. With a budget of $30 million, I wouldn’t be surprised if this one comes sooner than later, especially if This is the End proves to be successful counter-programming against Man of Steel this summer. [THR]

Would you like to see Rogen and Franco back together yet again?

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