With Boyhood in the rearview and a few years until he may return with another Before movie, Richard Linklater is continuing his prolific streak. After last fall’s Last Flag Flying, this October will see the release of his Cate Blanchett-led Where’d You Go, Bernadette, and now he’s already prepping to shoot his next film.

Taking him back to the summer of 1969 in Houston, Linklater’s new, currently untitled film (aka Untitled Space Age Movie) will take place from a boy’s perspective as he witnesses the moon landing, launched from the NASA base in his hometown. While one can expect a fitting soundtrack for the era, not much else is known about the film, including the cast, but the director has put a call out if you have any materials from the era. See the notice below from Texas Film Commission (via The Playlist).

Where were you when we landed on the moon? The Apollo 11 landing is one of the most significant days in human history. For Houstonians, it’s a day we’ll never forget. The summer of 1969 was an unforgettable chapter in Houston history, and we want to share your memories of that time with the rest of the world.

We are looking for home movies & archival images from Houston in the 1960s. Have a home movie from Astroworld or the Astrodome, or a recording of your little brother with Kitrik? Did someone you know use a Kinescope to record the moon landing? If so, we want to see it and anything else that documents that era!

If selected, your materials may be showcased in an upcoming film about growing up in Houston during the Apollo era from Oscar-nominated director & Houston native Richard Linklater.

We have no style, format, or length requirements, and welcome multiple submissions. If selected, we will help you digitize your materials, and will answer any questions you may have.

There is no wrong material, as long as it’s from Houston in the 1960s we want to see it.

“You had so much going on in Houston at once: NASA, the Medical Center, the Astrodome,” Linklater told The Houston Chronicle. “There was a communal atmosphere. You had all these kids with parents working at NASA for a common goal.” Check back for casting details on the project, which we imagine will make a good double feature with Damien Chazelle’s forthcoming Neil Armstrong biopic First Man.

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