After Cars lost to Happy Feet, the last four Pixar films have won Best Animated Features and been celebrated, unique films in their own right. This summer the company returns to their very profitable franchise with Cars 2. With some shockingly uninspired trailers, many have wondered if this animated film will be up to their high-class standard, or if they just made this for the little ones.

We now have the first clip, which shows a bit more promise. The action looks to be entertaining, but of course we don’t see any of the worrisome dialogue. Check it out below and the viral which led to said clip (via /Film and Mashable).



We also got news from CinemaCon last week that the next Monsters Inc. film is indeed a prequel, titled Monsters University. It will be directed by Dan Scanlon, who previously directed a Cars-related short seen here. The Pixar Blog have uncovered the first logo for the film which you can see below.

Cars 2 will hit theaters June 24th, 2011 and Monsters University on November 2nd, 2012. In the meantime check out Toy Story 3 on Netflix Watch Instantly, which was just added today.

What do you think of the Cars 2 clip and viral? Do you like the Monsters University logo?

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