Update: Paul Dano (Prisoners), Anton Yelchin (Star Trek), Travis Fimmel (Vikings), Anson Mount (Hell on Wheels) are also in the mix for roles, according to Deadline. Check out the original story below as we await confirmation.

After his strong feature debut Moon, Duncan Jones stepped up his scope with the high-concept Source Code and for his next feature he’ll head into full-blown tentpole arena with an adaptation of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. With a shortened title of just Warcraft, the fantasy project was once set for Sam Raimi, but now Jones will make it for Legendary Pictures and Atlas Entertainment (with possible distribution by Universal) and today brings our first hint of casting.

According to Deadline, Paula Patton has entered talks for a lead role in the film, while Colin Farrell has been offered another, but he’s not on board yet, and no details on either character yet. While the former star has shown blockbuster prowess in films like Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, the latter recently struggled with last year’s Total Recall, but the major factor here will be if Jones can properly sell this world and convey a convincing story.

Potential details cropped up on Bleeding Cool this summer that this one will be a “full-blooded fantasy movie,” with comparisons to John MilliusConan and The Lord of the Rings. A lead role which likely has yet to be filled is “Khadgar, a young consul to the Kirin Tor senate, rulers of the city of Dalaran.” The story will follow him as he’s “charged with investigating a series of crimes that have rocked the city, but as we go on, we’ll find that his mission leads him into a quest beyond the city walls.” One can head over to their site for many more details, but with production kicking off in January ahead of a likely 2015 release, we’ll likely get official word soon.

What do you think of the first possible casting for Warcraft?

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