Difficulties have plagued the Castlevania adaptation since Crystal Sky Pictures acquired the rights to the video game series in 2005. Besides switching production companies over script differences, the troubled film was also handed to three different directors, Paul W.S. Anderson, Saw helmer James Wan, and Sylvain White. With shooting halted indefinitely, fans are losing hope in ever seeing the war between the Belmonts and their vampire enemies play out on the big screen. But new details hint at the possibility of a completed project.

During a press junket for his film Resident Evil: Retribution, Anderson revealed to IGN that he’s still interested in “potentially turning Castlevania into a movie.” He also provided a vague explanation for the film’s delay, saying that impatient studios underestimate the work required to make quality video game movies. See video below:

He didn’t divulge any specific plans for Castlevania, but seeing his commitment to the project after all this time is promising at least. The last time anyone heard about the film, Wan was still attached, so it’s possible that he or Anderson could take on directing duties. Or neither. Who knows – considering the unpredictability of this project, we’ll be lucky to see new developments before next year.

Have you been following news on Castlevania? Do Anderson’s comments make you confident in the film?

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