Paul Schneider, an actor we’ve long admired but has yet to break out in the way he deserves to, recently got another chance to lead a drama with Goodbye to All That, which marks the directorial debut of Junebug writer Angus MacLachlan. The first trailer has now arrived ahead of a December release for the ensemble drama that brings together Melanie Lynskey, Heather Graham, Anna Camp, Heather Lawless, Amy Sedaris, Ashley Hinshaw, and Audrey Scott.

We said in our review, “Goodbye to All That is an exciting directorial debut from Angus MacLachlan that, for at least two-thirds of the film, is an often quietly funny portrait that is richly honest. The broader comic sex scenes did break the spell of the restrained portions, although Schneider’s Otto admits he is both aroused and overwhelmed by the attention after a long dormant period with wife Annie. It’s frustrating when Goodbye to All That runs up against the guardrail, but I’m glad to report it never derails.” Check out the trailer below.

Otto Wall (Paul Schneider, ALL THE REAL GIRLS) is your typical suburban husband and father, domesticated into a state of placidity. When his wife (Melanie Lynskey, UP IN THE AIR) pulls the rug out from underneath him and announces she is filing for divorce, Otto is thrust into the uncharted territory of single fatherhood and – even more frightening – getting back into the rather unpredictable dating pool.

Goodbye to All That arrives on December 17th in theaters and VOD.

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