With all the complications of financing, scheduling, casting and more when it comes to just major studio blockbusters, one can imagine how much more difficult things are on smaller budget, independent features. Some are initially announced and financing never comes through, leaving them in the dust, and others simply fly under the radar until production is 100% set, or even after its completed.

We’ve got an example of one such previously concealed upcoming film that has now been unveiled, complete with one of the best independent casts as of late. Goodbye to All That will mark the directorial debut of Angus MacLachlan, who wrote Junebug and Stone. After teaming (but not actually seen together) for Away We Go, the uber-talented Paul Schneider and Melanie Lynskey will lead the film, along with Heather Lawless, Heather Graham, Amy Sedaris, Anna Camp, Ashley Hinshaw and Celia Weston.

A local source in Winston-Salem, where the film starts shooting next week, talked to MacLachlan, who describes the film as “a comedy about serious things” as it follows “a man who has an 8-year-old daughter and is navigating his life after his marriage ends.” Not too many other details were revealed, only that the daughter character will be “a very natural, soulful, playful person” and that “it’s a very small film.” Stay tuned for updates on this promising indie drama, which will hopefully land on the festival circuit next year.

What do you make of this cast? Are you looking forward to MacLachlan’s debut?

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