“Cruelty. Brutality. Fraternity.” This is the tagline for Andrew Neel’s Goat, a film focusing on the initiation process to enter a fraternity (aka hazing) and the strength and limits of loyalty. Led by pop-star-turned-actor Nick Jonas and Ben Schnetzer with a cameo by producer James Franco, the film has received its first trailer ahead of a fall release. With a script co-written by David Gordon Green, the preview is all fun and games until the horrors of abusive frat life take shape.

We said in our review from Sundance this year: “Telling us little new about the horrors of hazing that Todd Phillips’ documentary Frat House didn’t already do at Sundance nearly two decades ago, Goat is a compelling watch, but in the end, its themes are a bit muddled, and certainly not unique.”

Check out the trailer and poster below for the film also starring Gus Halper, Danny Flaherty, Jake Picking, and Virginia Gardner.

Goat poster

Goat hits VOD as well as NY, LA, and select cities on September 23rd.

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