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Paul Feig and Channing Tatum Circle Gay Romantic Comedy; Jay Baruchel Boards Cameron Crowe Project

Written by on October 11, 2013 

Never quite content to simply rest on his financial and critical laurels, Paul Feig is, instead, hoping to give the studio comedy something of a well-deserved kick in the pants. As he prepares a true-to-its-trappings female-led spy comedy, Susan Cooper, CinemaBlend nabbed a rather intriguing bit of development news: as of right now, the Heat director is looking to pair Channing Tatum and a new SNL cast member, John Milhiser, on a gay romantic comedy predicated on the idea of an everyday gay man incapable of understanding his luck in nabbing such a hunk.

A promise to “turn the genre on its head” is enticing, certainly, though it’d be optimal to have more concrete information before stating, for ourselves, that a romantic comedy, merely from its leanings, could be something of a game-changer. Nevertheless, Feig‘s titles are often satisfyingly humorous — so, with that, I’ll hold out some hope. Further good news on his front: Jason Statham will take part in the Melissa McCarthy-led Susan Cooper, to be seen as “a badass whose quick exit is foiled when his jacket pocket gets caught on a door handle, pulling him back and knocking him out.”

There’s more casting bits from THR, who inform us that Jay Baruchel will take a coveted step-brother role in Cameron Crowe‘s untitled, in-production comedy led by Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Alec Baldwin, and this recent addition’s own This Is the End co-star, Danny McBride. The writer-director’s new effort concerns a military contractor (Cooper) asked to launch a military satellite over Hawaii — a task requiring him to work alongside a liaison (Stone) tasked with obtaining approval from the island’s spiritual leaders. (To this longstanding description, THR add that “[m]ystical island forces and a talking computer also play a part.”) The role played by our protagonist’s step-brother remains to be seen.

Finally, Deadline tell us Nicole Kidman has taken full possession of A.S.A. Harrison‘s recent novel, The Silent Wife, planning to both produce and lead a screen adaptation. Her own Blossom Films will support alongside financiers Mazur/Kaplan, telling the story of “an affluent Chicago couple,” Jodi and Todd, whose 20-year marriage is in a shaky state when he takes up infidelity — leading her down a path that may offer no way back to normal, everyday life.

Wife may sound like standard thriller material, though strong reviews and at least one intriguing conceit — telling the story in chapters that alternate viewpoints throughout — give the project a bit of extra credence. As of now, no director, screenwriter, or fellow stars are attached.

Which of the noted titles are you hoping to see cross the finish line?

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