Jay Roach‘s upcoming comedy, starring Zach Galifianakis and Paul Rudd, called Dinner For Schmucks doesn’t hit theaters until July, but the duo are already teaming up again for another film. THR reports that Rudd and Galifianakis have signed for another Paramount comedy called Will. The film will be directed by Valerie Faris and Jonathan Dayton, the duo’s first film since Little Miss Sunshine. The script, written by Demetri Martin, “follows an ordinary guy (Rudd) who lives in a world where people’s lives and destinies are being written by scribes in Heaven. The man wakes up one day to find that his heavenly writer (Galifianakis) has decided to no longer draft his life, and he must go about his day unscripted, ending up on a journey to fulfill his hidden potential.” The film will be produced by Gary Sanchez, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay‘s production company.

I’ve been wondering when the Little Miss Sunshine duo was going to announce their next project, glad to see it’s finally happening! I love Demetri Martin‘s comedy as well and acted out by two of our best comedy actors today? I couldn’t ask for much more. The script sounds pretty ridiculous, but we will see.

What do you think about Will and the players involved?

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