While today gave us the first inkling at the line-up for Toronto International Film Festival 2014 with Lars von Trier‘s director’s cut of Nymphomaniac: Part II getting a premiere, it’s time to return to last year’s festival. Aside from their fantastic line-up, the festival also routinely has industry talks with experts in a variety of fields, and as of today, all of last year’s events are available to stream online.

Featuring producer Ted Hope, trailer editor Mark Woolen, executives at Indiegogo, Kickstarter, The Black List, Vimeo, Dailymotion, BFI, and many more, it’s a gold mine. The topics include the global state of VOD, distribution, transmedia, screenwriting, marketing, creating trailers, financing, finding an audience, and much more. Amounting to over 18 hours, one can keep busy with the highlights below and see the entire playlist for each full video.

Which of the talks did you glean the most from?

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