Update: Emma Stone will reteam with Woody Allen on the film, Variety reports.

On a streak like few other actors, Joaquin Phoenix provided a career resurgence with The Master, then followed it up with The Immigrant and Her, followed by a reteam with Paul Thomas Anderson for Inherent Vice, which is sounding about as great as expected. It looks like he’s now set his next feature, teaming with one of the most consistent directors in Hollywood, Woody Allen.

Deadline has the news, but aside from a production beginning in July, there’s no word on location or plot details. We have heard that he could shoot in Rio for free, but that’s about the only hint available on where Allen and crew may trot to next. His upcoming feature, Magic in the Moonlight, was shot in France and features Colin Firth and Emma Stone in a romantic tale of swindlers. In case you missed them, check out new stills for that film below and details here, as we await both this feature and also what will perhaps be chance for Phoenix to show off a more comedic side.

Magic in the Moonlight hits July 25th and we imagine his Joaquin Phoenix-led feature will arrive in theaters in summer 2015.

What do you think of Phoenix leading Woody Allen’s next film?

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