Admit it: the idea of Jessica Alba as an astronaut is far more believable than Denise Richards as a scientist. Variety reports that the actress is in final negotiations to star in Weightless, Myriad Pictures’ film about an astronaut in the near-future who flees the scene of a fatal motorcycle accident so as to not jeopardize her spot in the next space shuttle launch. Directorial reigns on Weightless are being handled by screenwriter Milo Addica (Monster’s Ball, Birth) who will be making his directorial debut with the project. Myriad is currently in Berlin attempting to pre-sell the project for funding purposes.

Interesting idea, and even more interesting of a lead. Weightless has the trappings of a decent drama and, although I dig Alba, I’ve never really seen her do something with much (pardon the pun) weight to it. It’ll be interesting to see if she can fully bust out of the rom-com/fluff box and move on to a more serious and creatively fruitful career path. I think she’s got it in her.

What do you think about Weightless?

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