After a long search with many rumored names it was finally confirmed that J.J. Abrams is our director for Star Wars: Episode VII, but what’s next? While the director still needs to put the finishing touches on Star Trek Into Darkness, as well as ride the international press circuit this summer, Disney is busy building its massive plans for the Star Wars universe and now we’ve got a new update on what could be the first attached castmember.

The trustworthy scoopers over at Latino Review have delivered the news that none other than Harrison Ford has signed a deal to reprise his role as Han Solo. The important distinction comes with this rumored appearance being in Star Wars: Episode VII and not any of the spin-offs, including one potential film featuring a young Solo.

With production on this project likely not kicking off until later this year, expect many months of casting rumors similar to this one, but Ford has previously confirmed his intention to return to the series. His one wish is that his character will be killed off, so if this news is correct, perhaps it will be happening pretty early on in this upcoming trilogy.

Star Wars: Episode VII is expected to arrive in 2015.

Would you like to see Solo come back?

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