Update: Rejoice! It’s been updated that Edgar Wright will actually direct and co-write the film. See the original story below.

In recent years, few other directors have wrangled their way into the hearts of film geeks moreso than J.J Abrams and Edgar Wright. While the former clearly has more recognition in terms of box office receipts, the latter may have more cred amongst his relatively smaller fanbase. They’ll now put their heads together for a new project, Deadline reports.

Working at his usual home of Paramount Pictures, where I’d like to think they were united by mutual love for Simon Pegg, Abrams is set to produce a new sci-film titled Collider with his Bad Robot company. As with pretty much every one of his projects, the story, coming from an idea by Edgar Wright, is completely under wraps. Only one other aspect has been revealed, that of screenwriter Mark Protosevich, who will be penning the secret project following his work on I Am Legend and Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake.

With the sheer number of secretive projects coming from Abrams, they’ve started to be received with numbing enthusiasm, but the added element of Wright certainly piques my interest. His busy schedule of At World’s End and Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man, makes it sound like he won’t be further involved with this one though. There’s not much more to say until we get more information, but hopefully this trio can produce something that mixes their flashy visual style with worthwhile drama.

What do you think about this Collider team-up?

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