First we got Ashton Kutcher giving Natalie Portman a bouquet of carrots, and now we get a little more. The trailer for No Strings Attached, a romantic comedy directed by Ivan Reitman, has dropped and /Film jumped on it like a pack of piranhas. Now it’s our turn, so check out the trailer below:

I know what you’re thinking; “wow Jon…this looks like a generic romantic comedy” and you know what? You’re one hundred percent right. After watching the trailer, anyone who’s seen enough movies in their lifetime can both get a feel for how the movie will go and predict its ending. However, part of me is actually kind of intrigued, mostly because of the casting. Ludacris (sorry, Chris Bridges), Mindy Kaling, and indie icon Greta Gerwig? Those three balance out the presence of Ashton Kutcher already (yes, I like Ludacris’ acting), plus the trailer managed to be both kind of funny and…sigh…cute. I’m not going to get my hopes up, but considering 2010 has given us such horrible romantic comedies like When In Rome and The Bounty Hunter, the bar isn’t set too high as is.

No Strings Attached comes out January 21, 2011.

Anyone else kind of interested in seeing this despite their own misgivings about how generic it could end up being, or am I alone?

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