Following up Spring Breakers, it’s been more or less a detective case putting together the pieces of Harmony Korine‘s next feature. First unveiled around 18 months ago, news landed that he’d be working on a “a multi-generational family of criminals in the South.” It was then revealed earlier this year that the director was going to team with Robert Pattinson on an undisclosed project. Finally, last month the dots were connected when word arrived that their collaboration would indeed be a gangster movie set in Miami. Today now brings a few more details on the project, including the title.

First, an eagle-eyed Twitter user found the title, The Trap, buried in a press release for Birdman (both produced by John Lesher) with word that production kicks off later this year. This more or less matches a recent interview with Korine over at Bullett, in which he revealed he’s finished the script. “I’m putting the cast together right now, it’s going to be my most ambitious film, and I’m really just going to go for it,” he added. “It’s some next level shit. It’s a revenge movie, a sprawling, very intense… I don’t want to give away too much, but we’re probably going to start shooting in Miami after the New Year. I’m goin’ for it.””

As for why he chose the location? “Yeah, just the way the sky looks.” While he kept coy (as usual) on revealing if Pattinson is locked down, he added, “It’ll have a substantial cast.” After crafting one of the most memorable gangsters in some time with his last feature, we’re certainly looking forward to what’s in the works here. If production is indeed kicking off in a few short months, check back for additional casting.

How prepared are you for “some next level sh*t” from Korine?

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