It was August 2021 when Travis Scott and A24 each shared the coffee- and blood-stained script for an unnamed project commencing his production deal with the studio. Details were scant, notwithstanding Variety‘s note that the film would “align with Scott’s upcoming album” Utopia. (The rapper’s fans quickly sleuthed said script’s either called as much or Dystopia.) It was ten months later that Scott posted two Instagram stories with four things that go well together: body armor, guns, masks, and Harmony Korine.

All of which is to say signs were before us that something was cooking, and today we’ve learned Korine directed Scott in an action-oriented feature film “shot entirely in infrared” which recently screened at Metrograph.

Curiously, Metrograph has also advertised for members this coming Sunday’s “only ever screening of a very special filmmaker’s secret new project,” leaving one to wonder if Korine’s film (if that’s the “secret new project”) might circulate in unofficial means à la Todd Haynes’ Superstar. While awaiting further word we suggest watching Gucci Mane video featuring Scott and Korine––featuring infrared scenes teasing perhaps a taste of what’s to come.

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