U.S. audiences will be getting perhaps the best way to close out the summer, with a batch of festival and international hold-overs debuting in August. Not only is the long-delayed, acclaimed horror flick You’re Next landing, but alongside Edgar Wright‘s The World’s End (hitting the U.K. this month), Wong Kar-Wai‘s highly-anticipated The Grandmaster will be arriving in theaters.

Following a domestic teaser earlier this spring, the full-length version has now landed. The piece initially shows off the rain-filled fight scenes we’ve seen teased since marketing began years ago, but then segues into some new setpieces, involving more stunts and even a train. Tracking Yip Man (Tony Leung), it looks to be a beautiful, stirring film and one we’ll be first in line for come next month. Check it out below, complete with unnecessary voiceover.

The Grandmaster opens on August 23rd.

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