Four years after his last feature, Luca Guadagnino will be returning this November with not one, but two features. Ahead of his cannibal love story Bones and All, arriving just in time for your Thanksgiving meal, his documentary Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams will land in theaters. With narration by Michael Stuhlbarg and appearances by Martin Scorsese, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Grace Coddington, and Wanda Ferragamo, the film charts the life of Salvatore Ferragamo, from a poor teenage shoemaker to creating a dynasty. Ahead of the release, the first trailer has arrived.

Rory O’Connor said in his review, “The film is the latest from Luca Guadagnino, the celebrated Italian filmmaker behind Call Me By Your Name and I Am Love and perhaps the best director of fashionista movies working today. Salvatore is a passion project through and through and fully enamored with its subject, bordering on mythologizing. Many of those interviewed are surviving members of the Ferragamo dynasty and not a single person has a bad or even mildly controversial word to say. It’s good for him, and bad for the viewer.”

See the trailer below.

Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams opens on November 4.

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