To date, director Jason Winer hasn’t done much venturing outside of comedic television, and /Film‘s first look at his upcoming film Arthur suggests that the playful, even whimsical, feel of his television work will makes its way into this film. Russell Brand, who is the main reason you should consider renting Get Him to the Greek, will star as the rich, spoiled title character; Helen Mirren will play the nanny who must look after Arthur.

If you’re not convinced of this project yet, the supporting cast will likely win you over. It includes Jennifer Garner, Greta Gerwig (Greenberg), Nick Nolte, and Luis Guzman. It’s interesting to note that, based on the report, Gerwig‘s role is comprised mostly of improvisation. The authenticity of her work in Greenberg was a pleasure to watch, and I expect her to deliver on a similar level here.

The screenplay has gone through a number of reworks. The initial draft was written by Peter Baynham; it was later reworked by Jared Stern, who subsequently had his work polished by the Modern Family writing staff. But since the screenwriters have been showing up and working on set, Arthur is a film with an unusually promising set of rewrites.

The second photo provided by /Film can be found below. If you’re curious to read more, Mark Harris of The New York Times wrote about Arthur on August 27.

Are you looking forward to Arthur? What do you think of the photos?

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