With major tentpoles hitting every weekend this summer, it can be easy for some of the smaller films to get lost in the shuffle.  One such project won’t be landing until the very end of the season, but after sharing our anticipation, we’ve finally got our first look at the thriller Closed Circuit.

Coming from director John Crowley, who gave Andrew Garfield his break-out in Boy A, the film stars Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall, as ex-lovers who find their loyalties tested and their lives at risk when they are joined together on the defense team in a terrorism trial. With a script by Steve Knight (Eastern Promises), the cast also includes Ciarán Hinds, Riz Ahmed, Anne-Marie Duff, Kenneth Cranham, Denis Moschitto, Julia Stiles and Jim Broadbent and one can see the first stills above and below from Focus Features.

Closed Circuit opens on August 28th.

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