Three days ago, it was announced that Colin Farrell and Marion Cotillard will star in David Cronenberg‘s upcoming adaption Cosmopolis; today, First Showing reports some principal promotion art from the film (pictured above). Cosmopolis is scheduled to begin shooting in March 2011. Cronenberg is currently in pre-production on A Dangerous Method, which will star Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud.

Below is the official synopsis from Amazon, as well as the novel’s original cover art if you want to compare and contrast. Farrell will play DeLillo; Cotillard will play his wife.

DeLillo skates through a day in the life of a brilliant and precocious New Economy billionaire in this monotone 13th novel, a study in big money and affectlessness. As one character remarks, 28-year-old Eric Packer “wants to be one civilization ahead of this one.” But on an April day in the year 2000, Eric’s fortune and life fall apart. The story tracks him as he traverses Manhattan in his stretch limo. His goal: a haircut at Anthony’s, his father’s old barber.

What do you think of the early artwork for Cosmopolis?

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