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Caged Brilliance: Going Through the Motivations of Nicolas Cage

Written by on September 2, 2010 

Nicolas Cage has had a career full of a little bit of everything: comedy and drama, indies and blockbusters, hits and misses, critical success and across the board scorn. Despite this impressive range, many of his film choices can be broken down into three categories 1) For the Money 2) For the Show {Prestige} and 3) For the WTF Factor.

Cage is known as a passionate and sometimes unhinged performer. Here at The Film Stage we love him for that, so we proudly present:

Caged Brilliance: Going Through the Motivations of Nicolas Cage

For the Prestige: Defined by a project that is either Oscar-bait, or helmed by a director(s) on the upswing, or who already critically acclaimed.

For the Money: If he made bank, and the film has little other reputable appeal.

For the Crazy: Cage is a fanboy for sure. He chose his last name from a comic book character, named his son after Superman, and his unhealthy obsession with Elvis drove him to some questionable choices in his career and his personal life. But I didn’t come here to criticize. I love Crazy Cage. This category is for any choice made for the sheer off-the-wallness of a role, or the obvious tie-in to a Cage passion. Hey, even celebrities geek out.

Where does your favorite Cage flick fall?

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