Released fifteen years ago today, The Wachowskis‘ landmark science-fiction film The Matrix went on to gross nearly $500 million worldwide and spawn not only a trilogy, but a herd of films that were influenced in both technology and story. As we’re still seeing its ripple effects today, to celebrate its anniversary, we’ve returned to a 2004 documentary the explores its themes.

Directed by Josh Oreck, Return to Source: Philosophy & The Matrix was included in The Ultimate Matrix Collection and features a bevy of philosophers, including Cornel West, as they take an in-depth look at what The Wachowskis were up to with their break-out hit. From Plato‘s Allegory of the Cave to René Descartes‘ story of the evil demon to the Gnostic Christian and Buddhist themes in Neo’s journey, it’s a must-watch for fans.

As we await to see if recent rumors comes true that perhaps more films set in this universe are on the way from the Wachowskis (who will release Jupiter Ascending this summer), one can check out the full documentary below:

What did you take away from the documentary? When did you first experience The Matrix?

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