Ever since it achieved the cult status it was going for with Grindhouse, Eli Roth’s faux-trailer Thanksgiving – much like Robert Rodriguez’s faux-trailer Machete – has been moving closer and closer to becoming a real trailer for a real feature film.

Apparently the horror auteur has “cracked the story” for the feature version of the home-cooked horror story, working with the writers of Clown, an upcoming horror film Roth is producing.

Here’s what the filmmaker had to say regarding the project [Beyond the Thrills via Shock Til You Drop]:

“[We] figured out how to make it really, really scary, and a reason to do it. Before Jon [Watts] starts shooting Clown he’s got a window.  We’ll have a draft [of the script] soon”

The other writer involved is one Christopher Ford, the man responsible for Robot and Frank, the Sundance film that painfully wastes Frank Langella, Susan Sarandon and James Marsden. Whatever reason Ford, Watts and Roth have to do a Thanksgiving film, hopefully it’s a better one than any reason to do Robot and Frank or Hostel Part II.

For now, be reminded of Thanksgiving below:

Will you pay to see Thanksgiving: The Feature in theaters?

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