D.J. Caruso’s Eagle Eye brought one of the best trailers I’ve seen for a film in recent years. It’s disappointing the film doesn’t live up to the promised mystery and suspense. Shia Lebouf brings his usual charm and a little more heart than seen in his other adventure this year. Michelle Monaghan plays a single mother “activated” by Eagle Eye and motivated to save her son. She tends to bring the most laughs, unintended or not, especially in a certain shotgun wielding scene. Billy Bob Thornton plays his usual self as a wisecracking government agent chasing Lebouf through countless obstacles. If one though the big brother overtones in The Dark Knight were over the top, I can’t describe how ridiculous the themes in this film are. An interesting premise at first becomes tired out when we are introduced to the government “eagle eye” project. A film like this should be pure popcorn adrenaline fueled fun, instead it becomes too big for its own good by tackling themes that should be reserved for films that have some type of character development. With that said when the action comes it delivers. Shia and Michelle are involved in series of events “impossible” to escape, only to be aided by the mysterious eagle eye voice at the last second. It’s fun, mindless and will warrant your ticket purchase. If you can forget the overbearing political themes than you have an enjoyable thriller that will keep you entertained.

6 out of 10

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