The many breadcrumbs David Lynch has been dropping about an upcoming major project has now led to some tangible information about what we can expect from the auteur. With it now being three years since his masterful return to Twin Peaks, he’s finally gearing up to shoot a new project.

Way back in February, a Reddit user dropped the rumor that Lynch was developing a project for Netflix with the working title of Wisteria. Said to be either 25 hour-long episodes or 13 mini-movies, it reportedly carried a $85 million budget with 200-day production taking place in Los Angeles. While the pandemic clearly halted any such plans, we’ve been waiting for a more reliable source before reporting, and such news has now arrived.

According to Production Weekly (via Welcome to Twin Peaks), Lynch will begin shooting Wisteria this May at Calvert Studios, returning after shooting some of Twin Peaks: The Return there. Producer Sabrina S. Sutherland will also reunite with the director, but no additional details have been unveiled. Considering Lynch moved from Showtime to Netflix, as well as the tweets from Mark Frost below, don’t expect a continuation of Twin Peaks, but rather an entirely new project.

As for when we may actually see it, if a 6-month-plus production is indeed in store, don’t expect a premiere until 2023. (For reference, Twin Peaks: The Return commenced production in September 2015 and didn’t premiere until May 2017.) Stay tuned for updates as we look forward to what is now our most-anticipated project on the horizon.

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