Although he may go years between producing new films or television projects, David Lynch has always been a prolific creator in a variety of mediums–a fact which has been further proven during the pandemic. Along with recently sharing a new short film about a small bug outside of his house, episodes from his horror web series Rabbits, his daily DIY activities, and more, he also wanted to hear directly from his fans in a new video series.

Longtime Lynch collaborator Sabrina Sutherland, who recently produced Twin Peaks: The Return, put a call out on Twitter to gather questions and the response was so overwhelming that 40 minutes couldn’t cover them all, so they launched part one and we can expect future editions. In this first part, with some fitting Lynchian sound interference and in a Black Lodge-esque setting (presented in a lo-fi 360p), the director discusses his thoughts on the current state of the world, the inspiration behind his weather report, the sound that brings him joy, his DIY approach to work and life, generating ideas, and much more. When asked about what project he’s most proud of, he said, “It’s not about pride. It’s about the enjoyment of the work.”

See the video below, along with other recent aforementioned highlights in the David Lynch Theater.

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