There are few comedy directors in Hollywood that are as underrated as Miguel Arteta. With a string of character-focused, hilarious films including Youth in Revolt and Cedar Rapids, his efforts never get the box-office they deserve. While he spends his off-time with a heavy dose of TV directing, he’s now set his next feature project and it’s a bit of a depature.

Variety reports that Arteta has signed on to direct 47 Rules of Highly Effective Bank Robbers, based on the comedy crime novel by Troy Cook. Described as “in the vein of True Romance,” the film will have a more “dynamic and visceral” when compared to his previous film. Scripted by Ryan Knighton, the helmer will even have a chance to take on some action setpieces in the “fast-paced, poppy” film. Check out a synopsis of the original novel below thanks to Amazon, and if his previous films are any indication, stay tuned for a strong ensemble to gather for this one.

What if your father raised you to be a bank robber? Instead of Barbie & Ken, you played with Smith & Wesson? And now you’re twenty-two and ready to flee the nest, but your homicidal pop won’t let you go? That’s the simple part of Tara’s life. When she and her dad score their biggest heist ever, Tara’s life of adventure takes a frightening turn. They’re pursued by a couple of dangerous ex-partners and a special task force of federal agents. That’s when Tara falls for the son of the local sheriff. Like her daddy says, “It’s always something.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Arteta take on something a bit different?

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