Our pick for the best score/soundtrack of last year, Carter Burwell‘s Carol composition is a magnificent piece of work, perfectly intertwined with the characters and their emotional trajectories in Todd Haynes‘ drama. Thanks to Varèse Sarabande, it’ll now get a double vinyl release this June (pre-order here), complete with three additional tracks: Patti Page‘s “Don’t You Believe Me,” Pee Wee King & Golden West Cowboys‘ “Slow Poke,” and The Four Aces‘ “A Garden in The Rain.” The collection is split between the score and songs.

Check out the details below, along with the bonus tracks embedded, and a 30-minute talk with Haynes, who will begin production on his ambitious new feature Wonderstruck next week.

Double 10″ album in gatefold jacket includes 3 songs that were not released on other formats of the soundtrack. One album features songs from the film, including Billie Holiday, Les Paul and other artists from the 1950’s. The Billie Holiday track is prominent in the film as Carol receives the record as a gift and plays it multiple times. The second album is Carter Burwell’s Oscar nominated score. The 10″ size and the labels have been designed to be reflective of the period.

Carol Vinyl 1

Carol Vinyl 2

Carol Vinyl 3

The Carol soundtrack will be released on June 24th on vinyl. Pre-order here.

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