Caleb Landry Jones hasn’t been quite so present onscreen since the heyday-of-sorts that was Get Out, Twin Peaks, Three Billboards, and The Florida Project in one year. Since then, though, he’s arguably grown more compelling. Amidst a Best Actor win for Nitram at Cannes in 2021, making evident his position as one of America’s more fascinating thespian exports, he’s embarked on a wildly ambitious and satisfying music career: 2020’s The Mother Stone, 2021’s Gadzooks Vol. 1, and 2022’s Gadzooks Vol. 2 are full-bodied psychedelic-rock experiments that put just about every actor’s vanity project to shame. As our interview in 2021 made clear, he wants to make sounds that are simply not on any prominent musician’s mind.

Jones is returning on April 5 with his 13-track LP Hey Gary, Hey Dawn, ahead of which there’s a lead-off music video for the track “Corn Mine” that Sacred Bones describes as “exploring a theatrically ominous side of his sound.” Lewie & Noah Kloster claim to have made the video with “about 60 lbs of corn, and 120 hot glue sticks”––the work is onscreen.

Find the video below, along with an album cover and tracklist:

1. Hey Dawn
2. Too Sharp to Be My Carrot
3. The Moonkey Light
4. Spot a Fly
5. Corn Mine
6. Your Favorite Song
7. Hey Gary
8. The Bonzo Bargain
9. Spider in the Trees
10. Masandoia
11. He Sued His Wife
12. Useless
13. The Pageant Thieves

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